A Celebration of Turing

August 25, 2012 at The Institute of Mathematical Sciences

The British mathematician Alan Turing (1912-1954) gave the first mathematical model of computing, founded artificial intelligence, and contributed to several areas of mathematics, science and technology. His code breaking work during World War II is said to have changed the course of the War. As a part of the Golden Jubilee Thematic Lectures, IMSc celebrates the centenary of Turing with a day of lectures on his life and work, aimed at college teachers and students.

Speakers :

  • R Ramanujam (IMSc)
  • Kamal Lodaya (IMSc)
  • Sitabhra Sinha (IMSc)
  • SP Suresh (CMI)

Participation :  All are welcome. For further details, or if you wish to lend a helping hand with the logistics, please send a mail to the id given below.

Venue : Ramanujam Auditorium, IMSc.

Schedule :

10-00 to 10-15  :  Life of Turing (R Ramanujam, IMSc)

10-15 to 11-15  :  Turing and "effective procedure" (R Ramanujam, IMSc)

11-15 to 11-45  :  Tea

11-45 to 12-45  :  Turing and undecidability (Kamal Lodaya, IMSc)

12-45 to 14-00  :  Lunch

14-00 to 15-00  :  Turing and the science of life (Sitabhra Sinha, IMSc)

15-00 to 15-30  :  Turing and code breaking (SP Suresh, CMI)

15-30 to 16-00  :  Tea

16-00 to 17-00  :  A special surprise!

Email : 

Organisers : Department of Theoretical Computer Science, IMSc