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Accommodation Arrangements

Selected Participants have been allotted to the various shared accommodation as shown in this pdf file, with the abbreviations for the places as below

  • IMSc New Guest House 3 Rooms to accommodate 6 participants  [403, 405 & 406] - "Imsc-gh-roomno"
  • IMSc Old Guest House 1 room to accommodate 2 persons  [111] = "Imsc-gh-111"
  • IMSc AC Dormitory [to accommodate 6 students]  "Imsc-dorm"
  • IMSc Students Hostel [10, 18, 22, 23, 30 & 34] "Imsc-SH-roomno"
  • Adyar Flat 2nd Floor Flat No.1 - 6 students "Adyar-2F-1"
  • Adyar Flat 2nd Floor Flat No.2 - 7 Students "Adyar-2F-2"
  • Adyar Flat 3rd Floor Flat No.3 - 6 Students "Adyar-3F-3"
  • Adyar Flat 3rd Floor Flat No.4 - 5 Students "Adyar-3F-4"
  • IMSc Flat-let 1 Flat-let to accommodate 3 students "IMSc-gh-roomno"

A copy of the above allotment will be made available with the security gates of IMSc Building, IMSc Guest House Gate & Adyar Flat Gate.  You may proceed directly to your allotted accommodation upon arrival into Chennai.  

  • For people allotted at IMSc: Directions to IMSc are in the "Reaching IMSc" link under the "General Information" menu on the FHEP webpage .
  • For people allotted at the Adyar Flats:
    • Address:
      • Old No.14, New No. 24, Second Cross Street,
      • Kasturibai Nagar, Adyar, Chennai-20.
    • How to reach: By Metro Train from Chennai Park Town [Opposite to Chennai Central] get down at Kasturbah Station. Get down and take a right turn and walk across the road cross Kasturbah Signal walk further take 2nd right and on the right hand side the Flat is located. Security will help you with allotment.
    • Transport from Adyar Flat (on FHEP days only): Two Vans will start from Adyar flats at 0730 hrs from Dec. 10 to 13 and two vans will go from IMSc at 2030 hrs after dinner and students can go and get dropped at Adyar flats.

Any queries with regard to accommodation can be made to the following people:

  • Mr. K.P. Shankaran: 9840118684
  • Mr. Agilan: 9894427406
  • Mr. Ramesh: 9444037025
  • IMSc Reception: (044) 22543100
  • IMSc Institute Security Gate: (044) 2254 3126
  • IMSc Guest House Security Gate: (044) 2254 3125
  • IMSc Adyar Hostel Security Gate: (044)2441 0271 


We will see you near the IMSc Ramanujan Auditorium at 08:30 hrs for FHEP on 10th Dec, 2012. 


Please click here to find out if you have been selected for participation.


General Advice


  •  This is the monsoon season in the area, and we may get very heavy rains. So please carry an umbrella or rain-coat and rain-friendly shoes/sandals. 
  • Being a somewhat tropical place, mosquitoes are ubiquitous. It is important to minimize being bitten to the extent possible. So please carry your favorite repellant. When outside at dusk appropriate clothing that covers your limbs is advised, but something that is not too thick considering the warm weather. 



Additional Information

For people who have indicated that they will need accommodation, we will provide the same. Since the response was overwhelming, and we are trying to accommodate as many people as possible, we can only provide shared accommodation. 

For people who have indicated that they will need travel allowance, we will reimburse your AC 3-tier train ticket (2nd AC for postdocs) from the place of your Institution to Chennai and back (direct route). Please retain your original ticket for the incoming leg to submit when you are here, along with a copy of your return ticket. 

Some notes: 

  • a) Details regarding accommodation and logistics will be displayed on the FHEP Webpage, end of November
  • b) Accommodation will only be provided between 9th - 14th December (or a subset). If you wish to stay outside of this duration, you are requested to make your own arrangements.
  • c) You are requested to make your own transport arrangement from the train station to your place of accommodation. Information on "Reaching IMSc" is now provided at the FHEP Main WebPage in the "General Information" menu. 

Please monitor the FHEP webpage regularly for instructions, information, program details, etc.  We look forward to welcoming you at IMSc!  


Fresh Applications are now CLOSED.

For people not in the list, we regret very much that we were unable to accommodate you this time. The number of applications was three times as much as we had anticipated, and we are already stretching our resources very thin in order to accommodate this many.



No longer necessary


If your name appears in the list above, please login and click here and confirm your participation and furnish some additional details.

Please Confirm participation IMMEDIATELY by following the steps below. 

If you do not do this, we may assume you are not coming and ACCOMMODATION MAY NOT BE ARRANGED. So it is very important that you do this IMMEDIATELY. This is required of EVERYBODY.  

  1. Login with your previous user-id (Do NOT create a new one). 
  2. Go to the FHEP Application page . It will give a message saying that new submission is now closed, so click on "View your previous submissions". 
  3. Select the "Edit" tab which will allow you to edit your page. The information you entered earlier should all be there. 
  4. Make sure ALL fields are properly answered. Select the appropriate "Confirm FHEP 2012 Participation" entry. (***IMPORTANT***). Provide your gender information so that appropriate accommodation sharing arrangements can be made. Make sure your arrival and departure date/time are correct.