Instructions for Speakers

Accommodation Arrangements:

Your accommodation for the FHEP dates have been arranged at: 

Some notes on the Accommodation: 

  • Accommodation will be at Raintree for Dec 9 to 14th, and we will make arrangements at the IMSc guest house for people staying here outside of these dates. If your stay here is for an extra day before or after FHEP, it's very likely that we may be able to arrange at Raintree itself. 
  • If you are staying beyond the FHEP dates, we will arrange Accommodation for you at the IMSc guest house, which is quite basic compared to the 5-star Raintree hotel. If you would rather continue at Raintree AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE, please let us know, and we will inform the hotel of the extended dates.
  • Raintree will arrange for pickup/dropoff from/to the airport..
    • The Guests will be picked up at the airport Exit Gate by their Hotel Driver. The Driver will be holding a placard "Welcome to Raintree and Guest Name"
      • In case of any difficulty the Airport Manager (Raintree Hotel person) will be available 24 hrs at the airport at 9884370003. You may also call Duty Manager at the Raintree Hotel whose mobile number is 9962525137
    • If none of these work you can contact: 
      • Mr. K.P.Shankaran,  Jr. Admin. Officer, IMSc,  Mobile: 9840118684 , Land line: (044) 22543155
  • Raintree will arrange transportation to bring the Speakers to IMSc in the mornings and return to the hotel in the evenings.
  • Breakfast and one meal a day can be had at Raintree without charge, extra meals are chargeable and will have to be borne by the Speakers themselves.
  • Free Wi-Fi will be available to the Speakers
  • We will leave a folder at the Raintree Reception for you to pickup with some relevant FHEP information.


General Advice:

  • This is the monsoon season in the area, and we may get very heavy rains and some flooding. So please carry an umbrella or rain-coat and rain-friendly shoes/sandals. 
  • Being a somewhat tropical place, mosquitoes are ubiquitous. It is important to minimize being bitten to the extent possible. So please carry your favorite repellant. When outside at dusk, appropriate clothing that covers your limbs is advised, but something that is not too thick considering the warm weather. 


Visa and Immigration

 Please carry all relevant Visa Documents for entry as advised in the email to you. 

Remember your PASSPORT


Talk and Travel Details:

This is to request you for some information which will be used to prepare the academic program and make various arrangements for your visit.

We have put together a WebForm to make sure we obtain all the relevant information from the Speakers.
We request you to kindly fill out all the fields in the WebForm by doing the following:

 1) Click on "Log in/Register" (at top right) and login with your user id
     Your userid is the first field of your email id, i.e., if your email id is xxx@yyy.zzz your userid is xxx .
     To request a new password, you should select "Request new password" and follow the steps there to create your password (required to be done only once). 
     From the next time onward you can login with the username and password you have given.

 2) After logging-in as above, go to the "FHEP Speakers menu" in the top-right of the FHEP page and
    click on "Add Talk Details" and enter your talk details.
    We request you to please enter the title of your talk in the WebForm as soon as possible. This can be a tentative title which we will use to draft a program.
    We have tentatively planned 1 hour 15 minutes for your lecture (total time including questions). 
    We will post a tentative program on the website taking into account the topic and the dates of your visit you enter in the WebForm.

 3) When you have this information, 
    click on "Add Travel Details" to enter information on your travel details (required IMMEDIATELY)
    which we will use for making accommodation, pick-up/drop-off arrangements, etc. Whenever we need some piece of information for making arrangements, we will read the contents off at that time. So please keep the information complete and up-to-date at all times. 

 4) Click "Submit" to store this information.