"The pursuit of science is at its best when it is a part of a way of life'' - from Professor Alladi Ramakrishnan's address at the inauguration of the Institute in 1962.

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, founded in 1962 and based in the verdant surroundings of the CIT campus in Chennai, is a national institution which promotes fundamental research in frontier disciplines of the mathematical and physical sciences: Theoretical Computer Science, Mathematics, Theoretical Physics, as well as in many interdisciplinary fields. Around a hundred researchers, including faculty members, post-doctoral fellows and graduate students, are members of the Institute at any given time, in addition to a large number of visitors from all over the world.

As part of our golden jubilee celebrations, we have started an effort to tell the story of the birth and the growth of our Institute. This page will soon host an online exhibition of that story. Till then, we welcome you to browse through some photographs of the memories of our Institute